biografi albert einstein dalam bahasa inggris

ALBERT EINSTEIN is probably the most popular person in the world’s geniuses. In addition to extraordinary genius, he is also friendly, familiar to anyone, humorous, ekstentrik, and can explain complicated things with “pretty” simple.

Einstein, the genius, it turns out as well as a child to hate school! He considers her school very membo san and menggang chin to do things that most pleased him, reading, and playing the violin. So, he likes to skip! Yep, Einstein used to love skipping. Most so she can read a lot more. He also enjoys listening to classical music, like Mozart, Bach, and Schubert.

Time was five years old, Einstein’s father gave him a compass. Giving his father gave a great inspiration for Einstein’s thinking small. He was very curious why the needle always pointed it to the same place, the North, although he always tried to flip through it. What’s going on in the North? Why as if there are “magical power” that is not visible at the northern end of the earth that always attract the needle in that direction? What’s going on in the North?

Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879 of Jewish parents. Since childhood, he liked to be alone and think.

He was a walk up the hill in the village the quiet and cool and, when he got on top, he was lying relaxed on the green grass and started dreaming ..

He thought about all the wonders of nature, about the compass, the magical power that keeps the needle remained in the north, about a vast space, about “being” what do his father’s power, and many others.


Left high school in Munich, Einstein did not like his teachers. In Germany, at that time, children are taught in a rigid, formal, with a discipline like a soldier. They should not be much to ask, let alone question the teachings of his teacher. Those who do things like that even be considered disrespectful and will be punished. Einstein tended to shy, but he was never afraid to ask. The teachers were so not like him. In fact, he was labeled “not too smart”, aka slow learner. Age 15 years, he finally determined to quit school. He went to Italy to join his family who had already been moved.

However, because education is important, he finally went back to school in Switzerland. However in Switzerland, school fun for him. There, his teachers are excellent and there children are encouraged to ask questions instead.

In 1900, Einstein who had graduated the academy has failed to become a teacher! He was even forced to become civil registry office in patent new discoveries. Was he disappointed? Sure. However, precisely in that place, so even Einstein could think more and more free. He was always able to get the job done faster, and after that he was free to think whatever things that interested him. And this will be one of the main period of Einstein’s best ..

(Even the most genius people in the world has ever failed. The other super genius Thomas Alva Edison failed thousands of times before finally finding the ball lights. So many may be up to 10,000 times! But failure does not need to make us stop right?)

Precisely in his tenure at the patent office is Einstein’s greatest discoveries a lot. Includes basic theory Fotoelektriknya (which would give him the Nobel Prize), one of the main theories of relativity, SPECIAL RELATIVITY, and also formula Miraculously, E = mc ². E is energy, m is the mass, and c is the speed of light, 300,000 km / sec. Einstein was just 26 years old ..

This formula reveals that the period kecilpun while moving at the speed of light will be turned into an all-powerful energy. This is an important basis for the creation salahsatunya power, and the Atomic Bomb.

In 1905 also, he earned his doctorate from the University of Zurich. His career began to rise. He is more and more produce ideas that are original and controversial.

In Germany, before the era of Hitler, the government highly appreciate it and gave many important positions on Einstein, for example Professor of the University of Berlin, Director of the Institute of Physics “Kaiser Wilhelm”, and members of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Various facilities and facilities owned it allows Einstein to accelerate their knowledge.

In 1915 he announced his new theory, GENERAL RELATIVITY. This new theory which again shook the world. This theory destabilize existing Newtonian gravity theory hundreds of years old. According to General Relativity, Gravity Pull Style is not caused, but because of the distortion of space-time of a celestial bodies, which affect the movement of other celestial bodies. Space-Time Distortion is what “trap” the earth so that it moves around the Sun, and the trap “of the month so always revolved around the Earth. And finally set the whole movement of celestial objects.

1921. Currently, Einstein has become a Superstar! In this year he finally managed to get the Nobel Prize for Theory of Photo-electric effects are brilliant. In this year also he went to New York, USA. When I got there, he was greeted like a movie star. Everyone wants to see it. Not only scientists but of everyone. Reporters interview after him to ask how. He was also invited to the White House by President Warren Harding. Einstein also then traveled the world and get that excited butane sam everywhere. However, then was so new developments in Germany. Hitler came to power. The Jews in tin das and many who had run away la abroad. Einstein for the Nazis were Jews number one that should be exterminated. Einstein eventually chose to become an American citizen in 1940.

Then, a few Jewish physicist who had just escaped from Germany told Einstein that the Germans nearly found a way to create ATOM BOMB! He immediately wrote a letter to U.S. President Roosevelt, to give warning of this threat. Roosevelt was also immediately aware of this danger and pushing for an atomic energy research project called “MANHATTAN PROJECT”. Later, this project was indeed succeeded in creating an atomic bomb which was dropped on Japan at the end of World War II.

However, this project and make Einstein’s concern. Man has managed to create a power weapon destruction have never imagined before. If man is later able to make pu in significant amounts and occurs as a, the world could be destroyed. He began his fighting for the development of these weapons can be limited. Einstein ak hirnya not only known as one of the most genius in the world, but also as a staunch advocate of the peace movement.

Einstein, the genius, died on April 18, 1955.


In 1999, towards the end of the 20th century, Time magazine chose Albert Einstein as a human Greatest Century, “Person of the Century” among the 100 greatest men of the 20th century.


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